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Broadcast Software

Profile ICT Solutions markets broadcast software solutions for radio stations developed by Arctic Palm Technology Inc. based in Ontario, Canada. Established in 1977, Arctic Palm has over 1200 stations in Canada, USA and worldwide using one or more of their products. Arctic Palm products that we currently market are described below.
Center Stage Live is Arctic Palm's biggest and best selling package that includes both their advanced data casting process and their paperless studio functions to schedule live copy to the on-air studio and/or the radio station's Website.   The data casting module CSRDS supports a number of RDS/RBDS encoders, Websites, DAB Radio, and streaming services including the Telos ProStream. Although most playout systems provide some form of NOW PLAYING feed for use in data casting, in a lot of cases the output is not formatted for the selected encoder and, when it is formatted, it is limited to what is in the playout system. That is where CSRDS has taken over. It currently supports over 44 playout systems and satellite services that fall into this situation and there are currently over 1,200 stations using the module. CSRDS Key Features: 1. The CSRDS advanced scheduler with timed and triggered events can add content not available in the playout system to RDS\RBDS, Web Sites, HD, Streams, Twitter, Facebook, TuneIn and other applications 2. Support for over 44 different playout systems and satellite services with more added all the time 3. CSLogIt module to post NOW PLAYING when not using a playout system (CD's, tapes, pre-recorded programmes, etc.) 4. User definable templates for posting to Websites and streaming services 5. Re-broadcast scheduling for previously recorded programmes 6. Support for the most popular RDS/RBDS Encoders (Audemat, Inovonics, 2WCOM, Axel Tiger Shark, etc.) 7. On-air modules allow on-air staff to post updates to all data casting devices and services including "Alerts" that block all other messages for the duration of the alert 8. User definable reports for all music, commercial and triggered events up to and including what is currently on air 9. Several other features for auditing, reporting, and logging events 10. Any one event could trigger up to 22 different commands to devices, services, logs and audits. Paperless Studio Key Features: 1. Schedule live copy to the on-air studio 2. Multiple user definable prompters 3. Pre-stage multiple items into a single prompter 4. Automatic copy popup prompters based on events in the automation system 5. Event logging for audit reporting and affidavits 6. Live copy feeds to iMediaTouch On-air 7. Schedule copy to Web 8. Monitor Web forms for song requests and listener content (public service announcements) to on-air and Web.
CSSocial will monitor output from Center Stage Live to post messages to Twitter and/or Facebook. CSSocial Key Features: 1. Run multiple instances of the same computer for the same or different stations 2. Update two different Twitter/Facebook accounts - one for playlist and a second for messages 3. Monitor Center Stage Live and other Arctic Palm broadcast software systems.
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