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Call Centre Design Consultancy

Profile ICT Solutions Limited offers expertise in call centre design and optimisation. With many years experience in the industry, we can help you to improve the performance of your customer service and support operation to a very significant extent. We offer a call centre design and performance optimisation consultancy service. If you are interested in improving the performance of your call centre, consider how Profile ICT Solutions can help you. We can advise you on creating an inbound, outbound or blended call centre that is cost- effective, based on sound technology, and compelling to work in. This can be a highly complex undertaking as even a small call centre requires careful attention to technical, human and spatial details, and oversights can prove extremely costly in lost productivity once your centre is operational.   Profile ICT Solutions professionals have a wealth of expertise in the design and planning of call centres of any size or for any purpose. They can be engaged on a consultative or project lead basis to ensure that your call centre’s design matches its specification, purpose and budget. To find out more click here.
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